Install strichliste

For strichliste to run, PHP 7.1 or higher is required. You should have a webserver running which supports mod_php or php-fpm.


  1. Go to the Github project to download the latest release. It comes already with a bundled front-end.
  2. Extract the package content to your target directory (e.g. tar xvfz strichliste.tar.gz -C /var/www/strichliste.yourdomain.tld)
  3. Move the database in var/ from app.db.example to app.db if you want to use the default sqlite setup

If you want to keep sqlite as your database, you’re done. Continue configuring your webserver

Using a different database (optional)

The ORM used in Strichliste supports multiple database backends such as:

If you want to use another database then sqlite, just adjust the DATABASE_URL variable in your .env file in your root directory according to the Doctrine ORM recommendations.

For example, to configure mysql/mariadb:


Create a database and a separate user:

CREATE USER 'strichliste'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '32YourPassWord42';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON strichliste.* TO 'strichliste'@'localhost';

Afterwards just run the following commands to create the schema:

php bin/console doctrine:schema:create

You’re done! Strichliste now works with mysql instead of sqlite.

Configuring NGINX

Config examples for nginx can be found here:

Configuring Apache

Common Pitfalls


Import strichliste 1 database

To import your old strichliste 1 database, copy the database.sqlite-file to the strichliste2 directory and run:

php bin/console app:import database.sqlite

After import the terminal outputs “Import done!”